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Limited Edition CubePro™ with hard case
 February 3, 2009 (Boston, MA) iOptron Corp. (a division of Boston Applied Technologies, Inc.) announces the unveiling of the Limited Edition CubePro™ with hard case. The CubePro™ is a recent AltAz mount from iOptron that fuses the compactness and convenience of the SmartStar Series Cubes with the performance and look of the MiniTower™. Now, for a limited time only the CubePro™ is available in this beautiful hard case. Complete with padding and foam slots your CubePro™ will be secure while travelling by car, train, or airplane. And at 29 lbs. total you can be on your way without much effort.

The CubePro™ GoTo AltAzimuth mount is the ideal portable mount to go with your traveling OTAs such as an 80mm ED refractor or 100mm Maksutov or even a solar scope. It features the SmartStar® computerized control system with 130,000 objects and 8-line backlit LCD screen. An internal GPS, easy alignment procedure, and accurate GoTo & auto-tracking minimize the setup time. Also included is a 1" stainless steel tripod with metal platform and metal hinges for stability. The mount assembly time takes less than 10 minutes. And the standard dovetail makes this mount compatible with many different OTAs. The CubePro™ is also compatible with all ASCOM compliant planetarium programs and many other programs such as Sky X, Starry Night and Voyager. So with the CubePro™ you get a complete system that also fits in with what you already use.

The CubePro™ Limited Edition is priced at $579. For more information about the CubePro, other iOptron products, or about iOptron please contact Coleman Coates at 781.569.0200.