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Scope City, Astronomics and Skies Unlimited become iOptron dealers

Woburn, MA June 13, 2008 - iOptron Corporation announces three major additions to its astronomy product dealer network.

Astronomics, Scope City and Skies Unlimited, three of the best known astronomy equipment dealers in the US, commerced their partnership with iOptron recently.  With these three new dealers, iOptron will be able to provide better customer service and buying experience and continue to be the industry leader in product quality, value, customer support and technical support.

About iOptron
iOptron is a global company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative computerized telescopes and cutting-edge imaging products for multiple applications.

The SmartStar™ telescope mounts and telescope systems are the flagship offerings from iOptron. With iOptron's SmartStar™, sky gazing is no longer an activity reserved only for serious astronomy hobbyists. SmartStar™ GO TO and GPS Telescopes are user-friendly, accurate, portable and fun to operate.  The SmartStar™ telescope mounts were named "Hot Product for 2008" by Sky and Telescope Magazine, the world-wide leading astronomy publication.

iOptron 3D Optical Profiler Systems, Hyperspectral Imaging Systems and Stokes Polarization Imaging Systems are the technology solutions in a number of industrial and biomedical applications such as quantitative surface topography measurement, surface quality inspection; cancer detection, tissue inspection; gas/oil pipeline leakage detection, precision thermography, environmental monitoring, agricultural monitoring, medical screening and remote sensing.