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iOptron launch MiniTower™ Telescope Mount
 Woburn, MA June 12, 2008 - iOptron Corporation announces today that it will start to ship MiniTower™ portable GoTo altAzimuth mount in the US, Canada, European, Japan, Australia and many other international markets.

MiniTower™ will be sold at a very competitive price of $799 in the United States. iOptron Online Store and  iOptron dealers are accepting orders shortly.  iOptron will start shipping the MiniTower™ in July 2008.

MiniTower™, the most advanced portable GoTo altazimuth telescope mount, is the perfect combination of capacity and portability.

25 lbs. of Payload   Born out of the popular iOptron Cube
MiniTower™ is the ultimate observing solution for people who are searching for a capable and portable GoTo telescope mount to counter light pollution in their backyards and for travel convenience.  With a standard payload of 25 lbs, a rock solid full-height 1.5”alloy/stainless steel tripod, metal worm and gears and two dovetail adaptors, MiniTower™ is capable of handling a majority of the OTAs that have ever been made.  Its payload can be even further enhanced by more than 50% with heavy-duty accessories. 

Highly Portable   With all the standard components (excluding the tripod) packaged in an alloy metal case,
MiniTower™ can easily be carried around in a car trunk or as an airline luggage.  The whole system takes only 10 minutes to assemble. This unlimited portability, combined with the internal GPS, gives amateur astronomers extreme flexibility in selecting an observing location.  

Accurate GoTo and Tracking   Equipped with the most advanced SmartStar? GoTo technology,
MiniTower™ is one of the most powerful and accurate GoTo mounts.  The standard 8401 hand controller offers the superb navigation experience with an 8 line LCD back-lit display, a 130,000 object database and a USB port for easy connection with ASCOM compliant PC planetarium programs. With a typical GoTo accuracy of 1 arc minute and the SmartStar? precision auto-tracking, MiniTower™ will consistently bring the celestial object of your choice to the center of the eye-piece and keep tracking for hours. 

Additional Unique Features    Powered with other features such as automatic over-current protection, automatic clutch protection for both axes, easy 3-point level adjustment, dual scope setup with two dovetails and much more,
MiniTower™ is one of the most user-friendly GoTo mounts available today.


About iOptron

iOptron is a global company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative computerized telescopes and cutting-edge imaging products for multiple applications.

The SmartStar™ telescope mounts and telescope systems are the flagship offerings from iOptron. With iOptron's SmartStar™, sky gazing is no longer an activity reserved only for serious astronomy hobbyists. SmartStar™ GO TO and GPS Telescopes are user-friendly, accurate, portable and fun to operate.  The SmartStar™ telescope mounts were named "Hot Product for 2008" by Sky and Telescope Magazine, the world-wide leading astronomy publication.

iOptron 3D Optical Profiler Systems, Hyperspectral Imaging Systems and Stokes Polarization Imaging Systems are the technology solutions in a number of industrial and biomedical applications such as quantitative surface topography measurement, surface quality inspection; cancer detection, tissue inspection; gas/oil pipeline leakage detection, precision thermography, environmental monitoring, agricultural monitoring, medical screening and remote sensing.

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